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1. What is the exact address of your apartment?

Answer: When you are booking an apartment, you will get a booking confirmation mail with the complete address of the apartment. On some occasions when the apartment is difficult to find, directions are also provided. For privacy reasons we don't show the apartment addresses on our website.

2. How will I find more information about the neighbourhood and location?

Answer: In order to see the area map or google map on the apartments page click on show location on map.

3. What extras or equipment are provided with an apartment?

Answer: Accommodations are completely serviced with towels and linens Kitchen will have a full set of cooking utensils and kitchenware like cutlery, glasses, plates, pots and pans. Some items like ironing equipment, hairdryer, or else Internet connection, differ per apartment. So please check in the besides a section of every apartment's page in order to see what is provided with the selected property. In this segment, you can see whether a high chair or baby cot is provided with an apartment. At times it is good to request this service as it is subject to accessibility or availability.

4. What about cleaning an apartment?

Answer: Before your arrival all accommodations are cleaned sanitized and ready for your stay

On departure, you are been expected to leave that apartment in proper condition, for instance, taking out the garbage bags. In case you need any extra cleaning during the stay, you can also ask your manager during check-in to arrange a schedule and ask about the additional cleaning charge.

5. Are there parking services near the apartment?

Answer: Parking facilities differ per apartment, but there generally is a car park within a few minutes walk to the apartment. At times there is free parking or else on-site parking, so please refer to the besides section of the apartment's page to verify. To find the nearest parking facility to your apartment,  you can check the parking link that is found in the public transport segment for every city. This link will allow you to enter an address and/or area, to find the nearest car park accessible, with a guide to cost as well

We do not recommend parking on the street in New York City as the parking rules are very confusing and change daily We call this alternate side and it requires you to get up between 5 and 5:30 am to move your car daily from one side of the street to the other 

For more information about alternate side rules and when they are in effect or suspended please check ww.nyc.gov

6. Is my pet allowed in the apartment?

Answer: As much as we are fond of pets due to possible allergies of other clients as well as potential damage to the apartment, bringing pets is strictly prohibited unless it is stated clearly otherwise in besides section of the apartment's page.If you are travelling with a registered service dog please let us know so we can arrange this with the owner

Registered service animals need to have papers stating their certification and in cases such as this we will, of course, be happy to assist 

7. Is smoking allowed in the apartment?

Answer: You can refer to the "minimum requirements" segment of every apartment-listing page in order to see whether the smoking is allowed.

8. How can I book an apartment?

Answer: Apartments can be booked instantly and without any hassle. After seeing the apartment online and making your choice, you continue to the booking phase. It is necessary to complete the online form to book & reserve the dates which you have requested, along with a prepayment online, you can give the prepayment via credit card, with a *debit card (*through PayPal only) or call us on the phone and we will assist you in processing. When prepayment is completed, you get a booking confirmation mail. Please refer to our How to Book section more information on our website.

9. Is it secure to pay with my credit card online?

Answer: Yes, it is safe and secure to pay online with your credit card as our service for the online credit card dealings is secured by SSL (secure sockets layer) protocol. This ensures safe online transaction as your details are safe against interception. Please refer to our Credit Card Safety section, to read a little more about the safe use of the credit cards online.

If you have any other concerns you can always give us a call 

10. When will I get my booking confirmation mail?

Answer: As soon as the prepayment process is fully completed, you receive a booking confirmation mail,  sent to the email address that you have given in the online booking form. The Booking confirmation contains information like your manager's contact details, full address of the apartment and payment breakdown. Please refer to the How to Book segment of our site for further information.

11. How many people I should book for?

Answer: Price of an apartment per night generally depends on the number of guests that will stay in the accommodation. Normally basic rate for 1 - 2 guests per night and extra charge for every extra guest staying.  If the total number of guests will vary during your stay, you should book for the highest number of people who will stay in that apartment. E.X: If you are booking for 4 nights, where 2 nights there are 4 persons and other 2 nights there will be 3 persons; you will still have to make a booking for four persons.

12. Can I cancel or modify my booking?

Answer: In the event you need to cancel or modify the number of guests or number of nights, when you have already made a booking, first you need to inform us by email as early as possible, at our e-mail address info(at)newyorkstay.com. Please include your Booking Reference number, which is on the top of your confirmation email. In case you wish to change apartments in most cases it is considered as a de facto cancellation. Pre-payment is not refunded, and you need to make a new booking. Also note that prepayment isnotn refundable under any circumstances, and if you want to cancel, you MUST inform us by e-mail as early as possible, at our mail address info(at)newyorkstay.com If you do not hear back from us please resend the mail or contact us by phone and please include your booking reference number in any mails or have it handy when calling  Without confirmation of cancellation both from us and the owner the booking is still considered active and you will then be charged as a no show so make sure to confirm cancellation . The Cancellation charges, where appropriate, depending on the amount of notice provided. Go to our Terms & Conditions policy for full terms of the cancellation and fees. Also we recommend buying travel insurance with cancellation coverage

In the event of a death please let us know and we will do our best to assist.

Please Refer our Terms & Conditions for further information on canceling or modifying your booking.

13. What kind of payment do you accept on arrival?

Answer: At the time of check-in, you pay the remaining balance due, as stated on the booking confirmation e-mail. The standard method of payment is CASH, unless stated otherwise on the booking confirmation e-mail and on apartment's page. If you can not pay on arrival and have not pre arranged this with the owner there is a no check in policy. Note if you need a receipt of the payment for remaining balance, please have  inform us by mail before your arrival so the accommodation manager can provide it for you.

14. Can I make payments by my credit card at time of arrival?

Answer: Remaining balance has to be paid in CASH on arrival at your apartment, unless prearranged or stated otherwise on the booking confirmation e-mail or on the apartment's page. You will find lots of ATM machines, banks as well as currency exchange centers throughout the city and at  all airports

Be conscious of the opening hours, local holidays and your individual ATM withdrawal limit. Your manager will help you find the nearest ATM if you need help.

15. Can I request a receipt or bill for outstanding payment?

Answer: In case you need a receipt or invoice for any remaining payment on arrival, you need to request that before your arrival at least 48 hours notice please. Send the request, with your confirmation number, to info(at)newyorkstay.com

16. What should I do on arrival to the city ?

Answer: You should call your manager on the number provided in your confirmation email, when you clear customs to arrange a time to meet as well as check-in to your apartment.  Your accommodation manager will meet you at the apartment at the arranged time. You then pay the balance due and damage deposit if required in order to get the keys.

17. Will you provide airport pick-up and shuttle service?

Answer: Yes we can arrange that you can call us or an send e-mail.

18. How will I get to the apartment?

Answer: Consult the show location on the map of the apartment's page in order to see an area map and google map. Nearest public transport, like metro, bus, or tram, is given in the neighborhood and location description for each apartment to help you find your apartment with ease. On occasions where the location of the apartment can be hard to find, directions are given in your confirmation email. Also refer to our transport section for complete, hassle free info on how to get from airports to the city as well as using public transportation

19. How will I check-in to the apartment?

Answer: You have to call the accommodation manager, by using the phone number given on your booking confirmation email, when you arrive at your destination city and arrange a time to meet as well as check-in to your apartment.  The accommodation manager will meet you at that apartment during this arranged time. You pay the remaining balance and damage deposit in order to get the keys.

20. What to pay during check-in?

Answer: At time of check-in, you need to pay the remaining balance due along with any damage deposit, as stated in your booking confirmation e-mail. Damage deposit is entirely refundable on departure. Standard method of payment is in CASH, unless it is stated or arranged otherwise on the booking confirmation e-mail and on apartment's page. Apartments operate a No cash or no check-in policy. So please note- in case you want a receipt of the payment for remaining balance, or else rental agreement with accommodation owner, also you have to inform us prior to arrival (at least 48 hours please) so  the accommodation manager can provide it for you.

21. What is the time of check-in? Will I be able to check-in earlier?

Answer: Standard check in time is around 14:00 to 21:00, unless it is stated otherwise on the apartment's page. Information is as well given on the booking confirmation e-mail. Late check-in   22:00pm to 08:00am  Must be pre arranged and might require additional fees If applicable, this info is supplied in the minimum requirements segment on apartment's page. If you arrive earlier then expected you can ring the owner after 09:00am on a day of arrival to find out if earlier check in is possible. In case early check in is not possible, then please see the luggage storage section for information on where you can leave your bag Some owners do provide luggage storage so if you think you might need this pease drop us a mail 

22. Who should I contact with questions during my stay?

Answer: Any question about your apartment should be directed to the accommodation manager at time of your stay If you email them please copy us in so we are aware

As well you can ring us anytime or get us by mail or livechat to discuss and problems or concerns. The name and contact number of your manager are found on booking confirmation mail If you do not recieve a reply please contact us and we will try to sort it out as soon as possible 

23. What is the time of check-out? And can I check out later?

Answer: Standard checkout time for an apartment is between 10:00am to 12:00 noon and this information is given on the booking confirmation e-mail. Late check outs need to be pre arranged  with the owners or site managersWe can not guarantee a late check out, since there can be guests coming on the same day when you leave that apartment. . In case you need a later check out you can also book an extra night. Or use a lugage storage facility

24. How do I check out from the apartment?

Answer: Your manager unless otherwise arranged will meet you at the apartment during standard check out time for inspection as well as repayment of any security deposit. The Damage deposit is totally refundable, as long as damages have not occurred and the apartment is left in reasonable condition.If you notice prior damage during your stay and do not report it you could be hed responsable for this so please take care to report anything you may find  Refer to our Terms & Conditions section of the website, about the use and care of the apartment

25. Where can I store my baggage after check out?

Answer: New York differs from other cities in that we do not have storage in Bus terminals Airports or Train Stations so please see the LUGGAGE STORAGE section on the website for information on where you can leave your things